Reality Mining: Governments, Corporations, and Banks controlling your world

As a people we always like to jump on the technological bandwagon and do not ask any questions about the product. The mobile phone has seemingly taken over the spot light as it is something that almost 99% of people carry on them on a daily basis. There has been a huge push over the years for people to get mobile phones. The Obama administration even offered free phones to people. Today’s mobile phone has morphed itself into what people call smart phones, which is equipped with GPS. It is on a person day and night never turning it off.

A System Built to Exploit You

Majority of people in "civilized" countries are controlled and manipulated by their finances. The law system in America is based on money. It is not a matter of justice and right or wrong. It is a matter of what a person can prove and how much money they have. The United States of America imprisons more people than any country in the world. If it is profitable it will be done in America. In the name of Wall Street, sacrifice the innocent, for just a few.

The Few Exploiting The Many

Stanley Cohen and Harrassment from the United States Government

If you do not know who Stanley Cohen is. Please read this summary and show your support for him. Stanley Cohen is a political activist and criminal defense attorney. He is well known for representing a highly controversial people, that the United States government considers to be terrorists. His career has been spent defending those who do not have the means to defend themselves. The US government has tried to link him with terrorism and has been under several investigations by the US government. After failing to charge him with material support for terrorism.

Social Security Administration Recalling 40 Year old debts

The Smell of Desperation in the Morning

A Silent Revolution

As “mainstream” America sits down to eat their dinner or watch their football they would never know that a war in being fought in their very own country. They would never know that world governments and corporations are trying to enslave them. They would never know that they are viewed has human labor or human resource. They were born to give energy to the machines that keep them safe, that keep them fed, and that fight the 1%’s imperialism for more resources.

A new book on 9/11 is out

The author knew the Mossad agent who organised the events of that day.

Dimitri Khalezov has spent 10 years researching and writing this book. Download links:

Or read at:

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Weather Derivatives

A Conversation between friends. Do you think the Rich Corporations view you as a Human Being? Or just another dollar sign And a Price Tag?

So do they have a credit system over there? I was just wondering that. Because you know over here if you do not have good credit and are poor. You are fucked. The whole society of America just fucks you in the ass if you come from the poor class and have terrible credit. JPMorgan Chase just got out of being criminally prosecuted for their crimes by paying US gov $13 Billion man. America is a fucking joke bro. Those mother fuckers are going to end up killing us off through debt, war, and poison in the food and water. Did you see that new leak on the TPP secret trade agreement, by WikiLeaks?

Antishock- A new way to organize your ideas, thinking in a new perspective, to work together

Military Police, Egotistical Pigs

Over and over again in America we see law enforcement going above and beyond their duties. This is not in any appropriate way but rather seeking power and control over innocent people. I want to talk about a story that happened today. It was reported by USA Today.


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