An #Anonymous contribution to The Economic Elite Vs. The People (re-release)

"Demand the resignation of Ben Bernanke."
"End the Federal Reserve."
"Realize with pride that you are part of the 99%, for together we will make changes to be proud of." And most importantly: "It's not just you. You are not alone in your outrage."
This is what I heard as I watched the first Operation Empire State Rebellion video from the floor of my living room. It poured fuel on a fire that had ignited in me over the years, watching attacks on the people of our nation grow more and more blatant. When I was watching that video I felt a part of myself wake up, I always knew something was wrong. But watching everything I was thinking and feeling gave me validation. I wanting to do something, anything! I watched that video over and over, and then sat in silence, and finally the thought struck me: 'It's not just me! WE HAVE TO END THIS!'
Though their assumption of our complacency was infuriating, the appearance that they were right was far more distressing. But my distress, and that of many others, was momentarily soothed by a promise from Anonymous for action. I'll never forget Black Monday, and the day @OperationLeaks dropped the Bank of America emails. Seeing the first attempts by Anonymous to shine the spotlight of the media on the dirty deeds of the Banking Cartel-(from OpIcarus to OccupyWallstreet), rekindled my faith in humanity. I feel the strongest about these "Ops" more than any other, because from my stand point, the Banking Cartel is the root of the problem not the U.S. Government, not our military, but their hand in the corruption of the campaign finance and lobbying racket, because they finance all the evil and corruption that threatens our bright future and any possibility of innovative progress.
The first thing that must be understood is that the Federal Reserve Corporation is not a government agency, as most people think. It is a private corporation controlled by the Bankers, and therefore it is operated for the financial gain of the Bankers over the people, rather than for the good of the people. A system set into place where the common man is unable to ever get ahead. A system of perpetual slavery. Where currency is manipulated beyond the point of greed. In a world where the disparity between the rich and poor is so unnecessarily vast. We have more than enough resources in this world to share and ensure every person has more than enough to survive. A system that penalized 99% of humanity for fighting every day to simply survive is a symptom of the unjust and sickening cruel financial disparity that has been allowed to fester for far too long. The Federal Reserve Corporation is a business that serves only 1% of the worlds wealthiest population. But yet is built on the backs of the 99%. And they control the governments and twist the laws to conform to their reality. While those that struggle are forced to feed a machine to help the continuation of a cycle that helps in the manifestation of destructive poverty and financial destitution for the masses.
The Federal reserve also forces humanity to play by their rules while they play by a set that defies justice and the social norm they themselves set into motion. I saw AmpedStatus as an opportunity to help to end the injustices set into place by the Puppet masters who sit in their gilded box at the Federal reserve. I always had that nagging feeling something wasn't quite right. I guess what I needed was someone to put it in my face where I was forced to see it without looking away.Only then would I finally reach that moment of consciousness where I would think and say: "ENOUGH! NO MORE!", and when that happened I knew, I could never go back. I was left with two choices. One-go back to sleep to never wake up. Or two-refuse to be apart of a process that was oppressing me and my countrymen.
To continue to be part of that process is akin to committing suicide. To side with the Federal Reserve is like every man, women, and child of the USA standing up and throwing themselves off the Brooklyn Bridge. Although that statement is severe, if you dare to look at the past and future financial projections of debt in this country, that is what it is. ECONOMIC SUICIDE at its finest! Why should 99% of the world's population be forced to commit suicide to accommodate the greedy selfish desires of the federal reserve and the 1%? What gave the Federal Reserve the status of GOD? I think as more people learn the truth and their eyes are opened they will be outraged. I hope they are outraged and angry; they should be. We all should be!
We are at a cross roads. We shall either watch the rebuilding and evolution of not only a nation but a world of nations. Or we shall watch its systematic destruction and dissolution. Only when people rise from their televisions, video games and blissful sleep will we see change. We must demand change and accountability from each other but most importantly the financial institutions that wish to enslave us and minipulate our military to assist them in comitting economic genocide across the globe. We must bring the point home that the age of controlling the masses with the tools of financial slavery are over. And we refuse to sit Idly by and be silent partners to a rape of our nations. No longer will the screams and cries of hungry and disillusioned citizens go unheard in the night. No longer will the numbers be hidden behind closed doors. The message is getting out, and people are DEMANDING the truth. Now the whole world is watching. And like any elephant in the room, once you let out of the box, you can't put it back in. There is no amount of damage control that will cover this up.
A99 is more than just a status or even a movement, it is a collective awakening. It is the people of the world, the nations of the world standing up and refusing to sit back down. What we are witnessing is a moment in history, where the world stood up and refused to be silenced any longer. Where we banded together and looked for solutions to our problems, and fought for them! And although we do not have weapons, we are an army! We are an army of higher consciousness. Our only defense being our stubborn refusal to follow our masters at the Federal Reserve any more like blind cattle to the slaughter house. Armed with Justice, and the truth we fight this war. A war that goes beyond OWS, that goes beyond OpESR, that will go beyond anything we have ever seen. A war where the causalities were peaceful protestors. A war where our only crime was daring to speak out, and suffering legal, physical and emotional abuse at the hands of our governments who have been bought and paid for by the Federal Reserve, IMF, Bank of International Settlements and the Worldbank. Where our brothers and sisters were tear gassed and beaten with batons. Where our brothers and sisters were shot with rubber bullets. Where many of us suffered the elements and gave every dime we had to occupy for just one day. You can't put a price on Justice. And goddamnit! We are just not going to take it any more.
No longer are the 99% the Bitches of the federal reserve! No longer will we lay down and take it! The federal reserve has gotten too it's time for them to learn, there is more of us, than there are of them!