A Conversation between friends. Do you think the Rich Corporations view you as a Human Being? Or just another dollar sign And a Price Tag?

So do they have a credit system over there? I was just wondering that. Because you know over here if you do not have good credit and are poor. You are fucked. The whole society of America just fucks you in the ass if you come from the poor class and have terrible credit. JPMorgan Chase just got out of being criminally prosecuted for their crimes by paying US gov $13 Billion man. America is a fucking joke bro. Those mother fuckers are going to end up killing us off through debt, war, and poison in the food and water. Did you see that new leak on the TPP secret trade agreement, by WikiLeaks? Some good stuff man, the corporations are enslaving the planet through each country’s governments. Very smart how the politicians use legal bribery to fund their elections. By making it legal for the corporations and special interests to give as much money as they want to politicians and political parties. Money in America has been ruled as free speech. Talk about setting up a system where a small group of people help each other out to control and rule over everyone else. Is this fairness and equality? Level playing fields as the politicians always love to call it.

The bankers, corporations, military industrial complex, and governments have created a long term energy exploitation project that they have been inflicting upon the people for years. They make money off human beings birth, life, and death. It sickens me to the core. The rich people tell you how to live your life and that they know what is best for you. Because you know, you are just some miniscule fucking peasant chipping away at the stone of life. Ignorant fucking cattle that deserves no human dignity. Stamped with a fucking ss# registered and cataloged. You are an asset of the government of the united whatever of whatever place you come from. While exploiting your labor, they convince you to fight their wars of imperialism and corporate profit gain. They make you murder your brother and call him your enemy. All for what? Money, Credit, and Resources?

They have created for themselves “people” farms around the world. In a “matrix” style environment; this entity controls and manipulates nations all over the world. People who disconnect from the propaganda and brain washing they naturally want to rebel against such a corrupt system that causes misery and death. If people of the lower classes continue to be exploited for profit; society as itself will naturally and eventually reject its current state of control. As the lower classes continue to be exploited and controlled for their labor, they will reject these current systems. As people around the world are being farmed for their energy and labor; we must stand strong globally and overthrow our tyrants. For they all bear the same face, the same attitude, and the same violence. They do not believe in things that are not materialistic. They cherish money and power.

Sorry for that little rant there I needed to get that off my chest.