Libor: Lame Stream Media Makes Barely A Whisper

Summary Overview of Libor and Banking Behavior

American Media Coverage

American TV news coverage of the Libor Scandal equates to this Quote “has gotten all of zero minutes' air time on the ABC and NBC nightly news broadcasts and only a little more time than that on CBS and the major cable news channels, according to a report by the progressive media watchdog Media Matters.” (Huffington Post TV News Is Not Aware of This Libor Scandal of Which You Speak) There are many people out there who do not know what the Libor scandal is or what Libor does. It is no coincidence that the Libor scandal is quietly being swept under the rug with no “MSM” coverage, private trials, and trial delays.

Libor Information

There is more information coming out that is shedding a light on Libor manipulation. Many questions have been raised since the Libor manipulation was discovered. The bailouts from 2008 in the Economic Collapse were based on Libor. Here is an excerpt from Deloitte & Touché LLP Auditors Report on TALF LLC “The Treasury, through the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), had initially committed to lend to the LLC up to $20 billion at a rate of one-month London interbank offered rate (“Libor”) plus 300 basis points, $100 million of which was funded at the initiation of the TALF program.” (TALF_31811.pdf) Since Libor was used by the Treasury to invest in the bailouts, how can the bailout be accurate? There is emerging evidence that Chairman Bernanke of the Federal Reserve and Timothy Geithner who was Secretary of Treasury may have had prior knowledge of the Libor rate manipulation. If these finance regulators knew of the fraud why not report it to the public? Afraid of criminal prosecution?

Libor Trials

• March 29, 2013 Order-Southern District of New York Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald struck down antitrust claims on banks in Libor rate rigging. (133360634-Judge-Naomi-Reice-Buchwald-s-ruling.pdf)

• UK Barclay’s Libor Trial Delayed – Trial has been delayed until April of 2014 so that the UK High Court can hear Barclay’s appeal. (

Any Ethical Behavior Left?

Examples of ethical behavior? Stories ignored by "Main Stream Media." JP Morgan has no problem making profit off their food stamp programs for the poor. In fact the more people on food stamps, the more profit in JP Morgan bank accounts. In Cyprus the government officials get out of paying for their debts and take money out of citizens accounts to pay off government debts. The Austerity protests in Greece, Spain, and Italy. These are examples of things not in the national spot light. These “banksters” have been manipulating the global economy for years and no one noticed? No mainstream media coverage? Makes sense as to why the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke fought against an audit. Things needed to settle before everyone found out about what was really going on.

Since the Organized Criminal Class had been manipulating Libor for years, how can anyone trust any of the bailouts were legitimate? It was clearly seen by all that finance groups like AIG were handing out million dollar bonuses amid major loss. This is something that has been happening around the world now. Yet, no one is held responsible; not the “regulators”, “government officials”, or the “finance institutions.” A simple fine will do, for those who stole TRILLIONS of dollars from the globe. They feel no need of urgency to stop making money over peoples’ lives.

The Organized Criminal Class goes by many names, colors, and political affiliations. In recent years the world has be both victim and witness to their crimes. They have built a system using government officials and campaign finance to push their agendas on the American people and the people of the world. Everyone on the globe sees the evidence and yet their grasp is still tight; Scandal after scandal, bailout after bailout, bonus after bonus, the Global Banking Cartel seemingly managing an escape from prosecution and trial. We the people of the 99% need to make sure that the people responsible for Libor fraud amongst many other finance scandals, be held accountable for what they have done.