A Silent Revolution

As “mainstream” America sits down to eat their dinner or watch their football they would never know that a war in being fought in their very own country. They would never know that world governments and corporations are trying to enslave them. They would never know that they are viewed has human labor or human resource. They were born to give energy to the machines that keep them safe, that keep them fed, and that fight the 1%’s imperialism for more resources. Instead of the 1% choosing to use renewable resources in a resource based economy; they choose to maintain the status quo and gain more profits. Instead of progressing they are moving farther backward. This will be their undoing.

For years and years agencies of the United States government has been studying human behavior. Behavior is an important aspect of the human condition. It tells us if a person angry or sad. People can determine what an individual might do either violent or non-violent. They want to be able to know what people are thinking, what their reactions are to certain situations, and predict what crimes they might commit.

The 1% class of people who operate at the global level, take advantage of the poorer population. They use terrorism for an excuse to do whatever they feel is necessary to maintain their power. They use the 99% for their own research and experimentations without their consent. They have always been against the poorer classes despite the “charities” they donate to. The peasants of the United States are cuddled by distractions like Hollywood and sporting events. The peasants are consumed by commercialization, holidays, and beliefs that divide people. They want people like you to stay asleep and divided against each other. You are probably saying, “Tell me something I don’t know.”

It is starting to become common knowledge in America that agencies of the United States government are collecting data on the 99% of the world. Agencies like the DHS, FBI, CIA, and NSA are using anthropologists, psychologists, and analysts to know an individual person better than that person knows herself or himself. They want to know your eating habits, your buying habits, what you read and what you are thinking. They want to know and predict every move you are going to make.

They justify everything they do by using the term terrorism or it’s for the protection of children. The event of 9/11 opened up the flood gates of allowing the United States government to operate however they please. We have failed as Americans and as a people. We have not stopped their imperialism and resource management wars. We have not stopped them from stealing our money. We have not stopped them from creating a false reality for the poor to live in.

The 1% experiments on the 99%; ask any common person on the street if they would believe that their own government would experiment on them. No person would ever want to believe that there is a small group of ridiculously powerful and rich people who view the poor as no different as dogs. The majority of the 99% is so out of the loop that they would rather beat their fellow brother to death to defend the 1%.

There is a silent revolution that is being fought here and now. People are going to jail, being beaten and murdered for standing up for what is right. Joe Blow who chooses not to listen; chooses to ignore the facts and believe what the mainstream media has told him will never know. They sit in their cozy houses mocking people who hold up signs of protest, wear masks, and teach their children that greed is evil. They laugh at “communists” and “socialists” who want to help others, and they do not even know why they do. The people must care. The people must fight for what is right. They must do this or forever be slaves of experimentation and labor givers.

Experiments on the Poor without Their Consent
“Behavior of Aerosol Clouds Within Cities” 1952 “Geo-Engineering”

The Department of Defense has been experimenting on unsuspecting poorer populations for years. In cities like Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Fort Wayne experiments in these cities were done in the sky over the cities. In this experiment finely powdered bulk NJZ2266 material was fed from the metering mechanism into the disperser generator. They also use fluorescent particles for a tracer aerosol which has been known to cause cancer. They dispersed these materials in neighborhoods and streets into the air and sky.

In the report “Behavior of Aerosol Clouds Within Cities”, DoD recorded 45 aerosol cloud releases into certain parts of Minneapolis. Which were Baker Area, Charlie Area, Dog Area, and citywide scale. There is a dosage chart that explains the amount that was released and the results. They used roof mounted dispersers to disperse the aerosol clouds. In Charlie Area they had an open area release. What they called “samplers” was located on the ground in the open area releases. They had a one to six foot elevation. One site in the Dog Area where aerosol clouds were released they commented how the Mississippi river freezes for two to three months. During this experiment the Mississippi did not freeze.

This type of experimentation with populations, air, and atmosphere were and are still unknown to the public. Questions to be asked are what the health risks are. Why was the public not informed? If informed would they have had a choice? Why were poor populations targeted for this experiment? If agencies like the DoD can do things like this without the consent of the people what is the point of law? What is the point of law, if the law only benefits one group of people?

The world elite or the 1% has been experimenting and manipulating our planet’s atmosphere. Who knows what kind of damage has already been done to us and planet Earth. These people would rather create more profit for themselves then actually caring about the place they live and other people who live with them in this place. The 1% cannot be trusted, they are ill with many intentions fueled by manmade greed.

This is just the tip of the geo-engineering iceberg. They have been doing these things for nearly one hundred years. These people must be stopped and they must be exposed. The silent revolution must continue so that it can spill into American streets. We can break the hold of the 1%. We can take our country and government back. Never give up. Never turn in your brother or sister. Stay strong.

We are Anonymous
We never forget
We never forgive
We bring justice to an unjust world
“Up the Rebel!” “In a pig’s eye, bless’em all, the long, tall, and the short.”