Social Security Administration Recalling 40 Year old debts

The Smell of Desperation in the Morning

The Social Security Administration begins to recall old "so-called" debts; some nearly 40 years in age. It happened to an Indiana man who lost $500 dollars from his much needed tax return. The Indiana man contacted the SSA about why the Social Security Administration took $500 dollars with no documentation and no proof of supposed debt. The man made the point that the supposed debt they claim he owes was at the age of fifteen, which is a minor. This happened 37 years ago. The Social Security administration responses seemed inconsistent in comparison to the fact they took money without providing evidence of a debt. They had no paper work to provide for why the money was taken out; the only statement that was made was the following SSA," In 1977 at age fifteen the SSA over paid you in assistance when your mother died." They stated they had no other information than that.
A few questions do arise in this situation. For one why did the SSA wait 37 years to collect on this supposed debt? For two the person was a minor at the time, how could a minor be held responsible for a government screw up? Does the United States government use Mafia like tactics to extract money from unsuspecting Americans? One day they just take money out your account for something you did not even know about with any proof? Anyone off the street can say that someone owes them money. Where is the proof? Where are the legalities on the statute of limitations on financial debts?

It seems more and more American agencies do whatever they wish with no consequence. If the SSA can take money out of your account for a "so-called" debt just based on a statement we are all in trouble. Who is to say that the SSA could say I owe $10,000 and just take any money I have without even as much as a document to prove that I owe this debt.

Could America be spiraling into another economic meltdown? Maybe a re-emergence of 2008 except more people are aware of what is going on but nothing is really being done about it. Many people have been saying yes. That it is going to get much worse. Now that agencies like the bullshit SSA are recalling these old debts; what is next? I can smell the desperate attempt to make more money. How bullshit is it for them to go after people who really need the money. Easy targets? Not like the corporations and ultra-rich are getting ridiculous tax breaks. While this United States Government chases down people for nearly 40 year old debts.

The false institutions are collapsing by their own doing. The people must no longer empower them by giving their consent. We need to take our government back. Otherwise the corrupt in Washington and K Street will take everything the 99% has including their lives. They do not shutter an eye when young men die for their war for resources. Instead of focusing on renewable resources and technology; they choose to murder innocent people.

When people start to put money over a person’s life this is when all is lost. Greed is destroying the human race. All over something that is man-made and giving value. A human life should have more value than a corporation trying to make billions in profits. When is too much enough?

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Seems like a mighty old debt to be collecting. Something is fishy...