Stanley Cohen and Harrassment from the United States Government

If you do not know who Stanley Cohen is. Please read this summary and show your support for him. Stanley Cohen is a political activist and criminal defense attorney. He is well known for representing a highly controversial people, that the United States government considers to be terrorists. His career has been spent defending those who do not have the means to defend themselves. The US government has tried to link him with terrorism and has been under several investigations by the US government. After failing to charge him with material support for terrorism. The US government sent the IRS after him, charged Stanley with impeding the IRS. He plead guilty so he could stop the harassment by the US government, which Stanley had battled for over a decade. The United States has a long history forcing guilty pleas in legal cases against innocent people who may have some influence in opposition to foreign policy and interests. They charge the target with a ridiculous charge and force that person to plea guilty because that person does not have to resources to fight the US government.

Stanley now faces up to a year in prison and has lost his law license. This man deserves our support for all of his hard work and determination. Here is a site that you can go to, to petition that Stanley Cohen should not face any jail time ( Freeanons is also showing their support by providing this page for Stanley ( Stanley helped out in the PayPal14 case. We just want to call on our friends and family to help and show support for Stanly Cohen. Check out his site ( Please share this story with as many friends and family as you can. We must maintain strong solidarity with friends and family in our community.