A System Built to Exploit You

Majority of people in "civilized" countries are controlled and manipulated by their finances. The law system in America is based on money. It is not a matter of justice and right or wrong. It is a matter of what a person can prove and how much money they have. The United States of America imprisons more people than any country in the world. If it is profitable it will be done in America. In the name of Wall Street, sacrifice the innocent, for just a few.

The Few Exploiting The Many

Contractor Firms like Geo Group, Corrections Corporations of America, and Serco Group operate and control prisons internationally. They are hired by governments around the world to run their prisons and other security applications. Both firms have been investigated for violations. The more people in prison, the more government money these contractors get while operating these facilities. The stock gets traded on Wall Street and makes Wall Street money. Serco Group is a UK based corporation that has experience with military applications, operations management, and criminal justice applications. President Obama hired Serco Group to operate his new healthcare system that many people call "Obamacare". They are currently under investigation for fraud in the UK. Criminals always hire other criminals. Geo Group is one of the largest for profit prison operators. They have had many safety and health violations. Geo Group has been fined and sued multiple times. Corrections Corporation of America is another large for profit prison operator. In 2012 they operated 67 facilities including 47 that they own. CCA is currently under investigation in Idaho over violence in one of the prisons they operate. The state governor has asked the Idaho State Police to start an investigation into CCA.

The prison industry has become a billion dollar industry. The system is always based on money. These corrupt corporations with the help of governments are exploiting people of the lower class. All the while the bankers on Wall Street are making huge profits of of private prisons. The more people in prison the more federal money they recieve.

The criminal justice system is based on money in the United States. How much money can you pay to keep your freedom? All state and federal laws use fines to punish people for breaking their rules. No one in the United States of America cares if you do not have enough money to pay your fines. If you are poor, you have a more likely chance of having a record and experienced jail or prison. Many people get caught into the trap from a simple speeding ticket or stop sign violation. There are many people who cannot afford the fines from breaking state and federal rules. Majority of them get caught up in the law system and get incarcerated. Once a person gets in the system, it is very hard to get out. This is why no one will ever see millionaires in jail. Rich people pay their way out. The rich are able to afford bail and leave jail to prepare for trial. The wealthy can afford better attorneys, character witness, and investigators. They have many advantages in the American court system. Those who cannot afford an attorney appoint you one. As if they are doing you a favor. Many poor people have what is called a "public defendant". This lawyer is usually inexperienced and will not be as thorough as a wealthy persons lawyer. So that poor person will spend more time in jail than a rich person. They will have to pay more fines that they cannot afford. More than likely end up in violation and be sent back to jail. This does not happen to rich people. Did anyone see the "Stop and Frisk Program" in New York frisk any millionaires? The answers are quite obvious since we are both the victim and the witness. What do we consider freedom to be in America? One in four adults has a record or has experienced jail. Is this the type of future we have to look forward to?

How easy is it for a lower class person to fall into debt and be told that this is normal, its ok wink wink. Many things in the United States seem like a trap. Instead of helping the population out they exploit them. Those who cannot afford college on their own must take out loans with high interest rates. The average college education costs $50,000 to $130,000 plus interest. Once graduated they are required to pay back the loans. So as soon as a student graduates with that degree it is imperative that they find employment as soon as possible.

How can the United States Government cry about equality when there is no equality. They conveniently turn the other way when people of the lower classes are being exploited. They have their fundraisers and charities. Which of course no solutions come of those only millions of dollars. The only way to change things is to change ourselves.