Weather Derivatives


Wall Street can make money off anything that happens in the world today. They profit off of terrorism, disasters, and bad loans. So what is there to stop them from making money off hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes? There is no end that will stop them from making a buck off other people’s misery and situations. Would it not be a surprise if there were companies who get paid to modify the weather? Want to speed up a hurricane? Or maybe change the path of one? If you have invested in weather derivatives you might want to invest in weather modification companies to get more bang for your buck, literally.

Weather derivatives: An instrument used by companies to hedge against the risk of weather-related losses. The investor who sells a weather derivative agrees to bear this risk for a premium. If nothing happens, the investor makes a profit. However, if the weather turns bad, then the company who buys the derivative claims the agreed amount. So now that the weather is now a financial market. Do you feel safe to trust these bankers and corporations are not using weather modification technology to manipulate weather patterns to make more profits? There has been so much scandal around the world of all the banks & Wall Street conspiring to make huge profits off the rest of the people on the globe; how can they ever be trusted again? The simple answer is they cannot be trusted and never be trusted again. From the bank bailouts to the Libor scandal many Wall Street bankers and banks have gotten away scot free with no punishments. Sure many banks have been fined and some people in foreign countries have been arrested. That is definitely not enough. Mainstream media in America turned a blind eye to these high profile scandals that have affected the entire world. If you ask an American what Libor is or the Libor scandal they have no idea what you are talking about. Needless to say without punishment, without real oversight, no one must trust these people on Wall Street to regulate them, let’s not be naïve.


The United States Department of Defense has been working on weaponizing the weather for over fifty years. They have been experimenting with weather modification programs in foreign countries despite restrictions by the United Nations. The question that should be asked is whether this is ethical? If a government a country is being run by a group of corrupt individuals colluding with other powerful people to make profit, strategic advantage, and disrupt other countries without armed forces. How can the people of America trust that their representatives are not approving of weather modification to take over other countries?

We have seen many questionable events around the world that have caused much devastation. Who is to say that some government or corporation did not cause a “natural” disaster to change its path and hit a country? For example let’s say hurricane Sandy was on a specific path that was not going to hit the state of New York. Then certain aerosol particles where injected into the hurricane to speed up its wind pattern which made it change course in its path to hit the state of New York. The DoD would have a successful experiment and the people on Wall Street would profit off the hurricane through weather derivatives. Should we be so trusting and naive to think that this would not happen? Especially the history of the military industrial complex and the bankers; where there is money to be made military advances to be had, there is no reason to question even if it takes advantage of people and hurt them.
The fact that the DoD is conducting weather modification experiments with foreign countries like the UAE using aerosols particles should be of great concern. Never the less we have more instances of experimentation on our natural world without doing studies of any possible negative effects. They continue these efforts despite the obvious. If they continue to manipulate the Earth’s atmosphere there is no telling what type of negative effects could occur. If they destroy the atmosphere it would destroy this planet. In the 50’s and 60’s the DoD sprayed black carbon into clouds for a cloud seeding project. Carbon black causes cancer. Depending on how many times they have done these experiments how can we ever know if it is having effects on people and the environment? The people of the United States and world must have the solid truth from governments. We should have a say in our government instead of being lied to and truth hidden. Weather modification has something that has no media coverage. And yet they have been doing it for over five decades.


The representatives have no problem deciding what is favorable to the people. They support and approve of projects without informing the public about the issue. Especially if there was a possibility it could be harmful to human beings and to the environment. The Republicans and Democrats passed laws trying to deregulate it and continue its process without the consent of the people. If people wanted to have things injected into their atmosphere there would be doubt they would let it happen. But if forced ignorance has happened people would not regularly allow the government to get away with extreme experimentation. People should not be genii pigs for their experiments.
Several states are already adopting laws and passing bills concerning weather modification. Many of which seek to deregulate weather modification. With both the economic aspect of weather modification and the weaponizing of weather modification the benefits are too great for certain people. Those that are left in ignorance are left to be the victims of another group of people.
Sonmi_819’s website covers much of the registration brought forth and passed concerning weather modification. Sonmi covers research including weather modification companies and involvement of DoD, Navy, Air Force, and NASA. There organizations appear to the major players behind weather modification. There are numerous documents on Sonmi’s site which covers the details of some of their projects. Which the main stream media has failed to inform the public about; the United States Government has failed to do so.


The corporations, government agencies, and finance sector seek to destroy and take advantage of any weakness. Weather modification must be exposed and the people must know the truth behind these experiments. There are too many implications of misuse of weather modification technology. Both on the military level and an economic level. Many things like this go unnoticed by the public and continue on for years without question.

The main stream media in America has long been manipulated by government agencies and political groups. Only approved frauds and corruption are allowed to be exposed by American main stream media. They are also used in disinformation propaganda programs. Many of which use engineered influence through advertising, commercials etc. People are brainwashed to believe or taken certain sides on issues. For example when Iron Chef had a subliminal McDonald’s symbol appear between frames of the show. Subconsciously making people hungry and wanting a cheeseburger from McDonald's.

The continued abuse of the environment and the people to gain power will come to an end. The exposure will be too great as their secrets pour out. They can no longer hide and must face their consequences for things they did in the same of money and power. Our so called leaders must rule through what is representative of the people. If they only represent their own personal interests and the interests of their friends there will be no equality and only continued corruption.