What Is The Real Agenda of ACA Act or "ObamaCare" ?

Greetings Slaves to the Two Party Oligarchy


Like the Patriot Act the ACA Act of Obama Care has some hidden agendas and laws that are being passed under the noses of the American people. According to the bill HR 3962 under the Under the Food and Drug Administration section a National Medical Device Registry will be created under section 519 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 360i). It states that they will facilitate analysis of data from “covered devices”. Yet they do not explain what “covered devices” are. Then they state medical devices or anything biologic or a drug product.

What the FDA aims to do is create electronic health records through the use of tracking “covered devices” that are implanted in a person’s body. Their agenda is to establish a unique identification system and promote its incorporation into electronic health information. What is EHR? Electronic Health Record is a systematic collection of electronic heath information about an individual patient or population. The FDA wants to promote a National and International Device Registries for “covered devices”. They also want to develop and use new methods for evidence generation, synthesis and appraisal as they state in the “Medical Device Postmarket Surveillance” document.

The FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) has the authority to track all “covered devices”. The CDRH has the power to require the manufacturer to adopt a method of tracking devices. The tracking authority is to ensure that the tracked device can be traced from the manufacturing facility to the person that the device is implanted in. Through the FDA the CDRH has the power to create enforcement actions. If a person or population fails to comply with certain postmarket requirements (that they do not specify in detail) for devices will render the device “adulterated” and/or “misbranded” and/or will constitute a “prohibited act” under the FD&C Act. This would initiate enforcement actions, including seizure of devices, (which means they would take the implant out of your body) injunctions, civil money penalties, (fines) and criminal penalties for violations. They have the power to remove any device that they deem has violations.

Coincidentally when the ACA Act was passed the FDA approved of microchips for human implantation that holds medical records and transmits them. So conveniently the microchips could fall under “covered devices” or “medical devices” since they hold Electronic Health Records. The United States government always passes laws that are so vague and without detail. For example the NDAA and the Patriot Act; it gives the USG unlimited power and interpretation. So that they may do as they please and get their agenda pushed. We have all seen it before let us follow the bread crumbs.

Something so chilling is that these microchips are small enough to be given through vaccination injections. We have been seeing a trend for a long time for many vaccine programs being pushed on people. Will there come a time when ACA will require everyone to receive microchip injections to hold their Electronic Medical Records? This is something that everyone must be aware of. There is absolutely no reason why we should trust these government agencies and corporations with our bodies and health. Why do they need so much power and authority over our health? It is our bodies and we are the ones paying for it. Should we not have the say so? Should we not be in charge of our own healthcare? Since it is our bodies, not the government’s bodies.

Institutional Vaccination Programs
Can They Be Trusted?

The US government really has not given the people a reason to trust them. They lie to us all the time. They manipulate us all the time. Especially after the NSA leaks and all of the police brutality; why should we trust anything they say? The USG has zero credibility. We must question everything they do and every intention they have. This is why things like this must be discussed in the public on a national and international level. What do they seek to gain from all of this?

A popular debate that has been happening for decades is our vaccination programs. Many people have voiced their concerns over the lack of transparency and trials of our vaccine programs. Without a doubt there have been vaccines that have cured diseases such a polio and prevented illnesses like smallpox. The government has not been so forth coming about their vaccine programs. Majority of the time consent is received through commercial advertisements and health officials making statements about the vaccines. All the while no details of test trials are released or the ingredients the vaccines contain. It would seem that these third party agencies want people to trust them on faith that what they are injecting into their loved ones is safe. Are there not any alternative national vaccines that can be developed?

After the scares from SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and MERS there push for general vaccines like the flu vaccine where pushed on the public. There was and still is a major campaign to get people to purchase flu vaccines. As you will notice at these health clinics where flu vaccines are administered no one will see the ingredients list posted. No one will see panflits explaining what is going into a person’s body and how it works. People are merely expected to trust a third party with their health and well being. If these agencies expect people to trust them then they should be forth coming about information that is related to the people’s health. All documents and studies related to the vaccine should be publicly available.

Bayer infected hemophiliacs with HIV with their blood clotting medicine. When they were taking blood samples they were not testing them for HIV. They knew by doing this that their blood would be compromised with HIV. They still sold it to people all over the world. They infected thousands of hemophiliacs with HIV. Many were from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore. Bayer gave no regard to the people they infected with their vaccine. The main stream media of course did not cover much of it. How can anyone trust these corporations when they are in it for just the profits? How can we trust a government that allows and protects these corporate interests? Did anyone from Bayer receive any type of arrest for such negligence?

People should always question when someone is putting something into your own body. No one can afford to just trust another person blindly. Especially with humanity’s history. Many people in America are having concerns about what is in their vaccines. They are very curious in what the effects might be using these ingredients in the vaccines. For example in the vaccine for Influenza (Flulaval) has Thimerosal and formaldehyde in it. Thimerosal contains mercury and formaldehyde is known is cause cancer. Two poisons are ingredients for a flu vaccine. The CDC has recently stopped using Thimerosal in children’s vaccines. Thimersoal is in almost all flu vaccines. They say that you can request a flu vaccine without Thimersoal. But why not just take it out altogether. Formaldehyde is used in a variety of vaccinations. As stated above formaldehyde is known to cause cancer. The next question should be what is the exact measure of these ingredients going into these vaccines? Since the people are funding and receiving these vaccines is it not their right now what is going into their bodies and what it may do to them?

As many Americans have seen the government health organizations have been pushing flu vaccine programs hard against the people. There are many advertisements about it especially around the holidays. There is so much coverage of possible global disease outbreaks and fear mongering. Then a surge of people go to places like CVS and Walgreens to buy these flu shots. And if it is happening in America one should know that this is taking place in other (ABCA) nations (American, British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand) as do many laws that get passed in each country that similar to their counterpart. There have been many security agreements with the British conquered lands. Would it be a shock that they promote the same agendas accordingly?

Never the less we as humanity to look outside of our own realms and realize how much in common we have with each other. Human beings naturally need to communicate with one another. The more we accept that we are a community of individuals we will find our balance.

An updated list has come out from the CDC on their ingredients in United States vaccines. All links and resources are posted to help with your own research and to come to your own conclusions. We must stay sharp and focused. We must try not to fall into so many mindless distractions. It is up to the people who are aware of what is going on to do something about it. It is our responsibly. So we ask please share this information with your family and friends. Knowledge is power let us unfuck the world.