When Good People Do Nothing

In these times people need to understand that it is with necessity that everyone should and must pay special attention to social patterns. Using fundamental logic to figure out and to protect yourself from systematic control and regulation of the lower classes. Many people claim that there is a class war at hand and that it is not right. It’s not the 1%’s fault that a country’s laws benefit only one group of people giving them special privilege. They take advantage of their positions of power by backing their agendas with their money and connections.

In the United States people can see that there is a pattern of strict regulation and control over certain social issues.
Two Party System is a failure
-Corporations can now give unlimited monies to a political party or politician. This should make all elections lull and void. Since corporations can give millions of dollars to government leaders. Why should the governments leaders listen to the people of the country? There is no reason too. The corporations fund their campaigns, they feed them, and they clothe them. The great politicians would never bite the hand that feeds them.

-Corporations are now considered human and have the same rights as humans.
-Money is now considered free speech.

-Obama appointed a Monsanto executive to head the FDA. There has been a long battle to enforce labeling of GMO foods.
-Federal Programs Preschool – No children are allowed to bring food from home, unless it is accompanied with a doctor’s note as to why. School children are going to be made to eat government mandated food. Which to say the least is not very nutritious or of good quality.

-Millions of students have to take out loans that many have to default on or in simply too much debt to make it out.
-Private organizations and government entities are pushing national education program called Common Core. Many highly respected educators criticized the program saying it does not meet standards.

Who is the 1%?
Here are some examples that you may already agree with. As you know the list is longer.
World Bankers
Military Industrial Complex
Global Multinational Corporations
World Governments

In majority of the countries in the world millionaires operate, control, their country’s government. They allow corporations to influence the government. Money is the king of all things in government and politics. These millionaires and billionaires who run the worlds governments us their power to make profit of the rest of the people in the world. The 1% is taking over the people’s education, food, and free travel. There is a pattern emerging here. The 1% wants to know and regulate each and every single person’s life on this planet. They want full control, they want to collect your data, study your behavioral habits, and predict what you will say and what you will do. Do people really want to live in a world like this? Where there are no such things as privacy or free will. No more choosing what you would like to do. The 1% wants to push their beliefs on you, obey their laws, their religions, claiming they know what is best for you. The 1% doesn’t want you to succeed, or advance yourself. They do not want you change anything.

Through agencies like the NSA the 1% can make billions of dollars in profit by knowing you better than you know yourself. They study people’s behavior taking advantage of knowing how you will probably react and what your reaction would be. They then could modify what agenda they want etc. based on predicted outcomes based on a person’s personality, habits, and emotional states. Social media is perfect for volunteer data mining. Things like Facebook or “fed book” are a great tool for extracting information. They hand over your personal information to third parties.
Do you ever ask yourself why there is so much overkill on surveillance and regulation? Common sense should prevail in these situations but the government systems are becoming more and more tyrannical and fascist. In the United States private corporations and government agencies are working together to control food, education, and privacy. They are clamping down an iron fist on their citizens. Why is there such a need for this overabundance of control? People must have freedom of will and choice. People must be able to live their lives without having corporations manipulating how they live.

The 1% is losing its grip over the people. They are desperately trying to gain more power and control because they fear they may lose it. If you look at the pattern you can see that they are trying to control almost every aspect of human life. They want to tell you how to eat, what to wear, and what type of education should be administered. If the quality of education is not up to par with the rest of the world then it should not be forced upon our children. If they are to be successful they must be able to compete with the rest of the world. With programs like Common Core being pushed by the Obama administration using billions of dollars in federal funding, also funded by the Bill Gates foundation, these people are literally “dumbing” down the lower classes. This educational program is not up to standards and will keep our children at a disadvantage. Many other countries school programs rank much higher than this program. They are pushing the parents out of their children’s education and sticking in their own agendas and ideas into the children. The 1% is “dumbing" down the 99% to exploit them and make profit off of them.

The 1% needs millions of people to make profit, exploit their labor, and fight their wars. They use propaganda lies to push their agendas and get themselves elected to the office of law makers. They pretend to have your best interests in mind. But when it comes down to it all they care about are themselves and their backers. There is no republic. There is no democracy. There are no fair elections. The United States is but a country that has been taken over by banks, corporations, and the military industrial complex amongst many other groups. They try to put off the image that the United States is a free nation as they like to call it. Yet, the people of the United States have no say or choice in what happens in the government. They are made swallow whatever pill their leaders tell them to take. It is always such a hard pill to swallow. This is why the 1% must control every facet of everyone’s lives. If you become too powerful and influential you might just make some positive changes that do not just benefit one group of people. You might not put profit before a person’s life.

The United States of Regulated Animals, where people are not human but consumers and capital; corporate and government entities are free to feed on the American people. There are no morals, no ethics, and no protection from these entities. There are already forces in place to take on the opposition. As we have seen with all the protestors, activists, and whistleblowers getting arrested on bogus charges. The 1% has already planted spies among the 99% in order to destroy the dissidents from the inside out. It has been proven over and over again that the 1% has been spying on the 99% in fear they will lose their position of power. We must tumble the tower and take the power from the 1%. They have done nothing but pillage and rape the planet all in the name of profit. It us up to the rest of the human beings in world to stop them from destroying us and this planet. They have no sense of compassion or self-preservation. They think in materialistic value, they do not understand spirituality or the fact that there is much more to life than mere possessions. If we continue to sit by in the place of in-action; the 1% will destroy us all.

People are not going to want to believe that it is even possible, that a group of people would want to exploit and destroy the entire planet for their materialism. For those who are awake and are paying special attention to what has been going on; it is your responsibility to do something about the evil that has been inflicted on us by the 1%. All in the name of nothing but made up material things. I am pleading to those people who still are uncertain or remain in ignorance to what has been happening over the last several decades. You can no longer ignore the evidence, the signs, and the symbols that have been presented to you on a daily basis. I plead to you, that you must wake up, see and understand the events that are happening in your life. That is affecting your life. The future depends on every single person on this planet. The 1% is out of control, you see it every day. You hear about it every day. It is time for the people of the world to stand up for what is right. Do not claim ignorance the tools are everywhere, you just have to pay attention and see.

Majority of what I said is practically common knowledge amongst people who are paying attention. In my opinion I do not think anyone can claim ignorance. Stop being lazy or letting fear control your life. Everyone human being is invaluable, every human being has a purpose and a future no matter how bleak it may seem. We must unite together and take charge of our lives. No more excuses for voting for the two party oligarchies. No more excuses for not join in on protesting events. The time is now, we can no longer wait around for things to change on their own through voting. As long as the corporations can give unlimited campaign contributions to political parties and figures. There should be no elections because none would be fair and would only benefit a small group of people. There is no real free will in America. There are no free and fair elections. The government has shredded the Constitution over and over again claiming for our own security and benefit. Yet, we have no privacy; we are forced to participate in a health program that is already a complete failure. Yet, did they ask the people what they wanted? Did they ask the people for better ideas? Did they ask the people for their input? NO. They do not have to because Obama knows best. Bush knows best. Clinton knows best. The United States government of Corporations knows best. YOU cannot decide for yourself. YOU are an animal made for creating energy, labor, and profit. EAT the fucking slop they feed you. CLOTHE yourself with their propaganda. Enjoy your so called “freedom” America pretty soon we will all be murdered by profit and for profit. Stay scared and stagnate, do nothing, let everyone die.