#HandsUp Against Police Brutality

When is enough enough? How many kids have to be shot, and how many grandmas and reporters have to be arrested while exercising their civil rights, before we put an end to the senseless and shameful display and use of unwarranted force by our local police? It's time. A National #HandsUp Against Police Brutality movement starts this Thursday, August 21st, 2014.

Social Security Administration Recalling 40 Year old debts

The Smell of Desperation in the Morning

A Silent Revolution

As “mainstream” America sits down to eat their dinner or watch their football they would never know that a war in being fought in their very own country. They would never know that world governments and corporations are trying to enslave them. They would never know that they are viewed has human labor or human resource. They were born to give energy to the machines that keep them safe, that keep them fed, and that fight the 1%’s imperialism for more resources.

A Conversation between friends. Do you think the Rich Corporations view you as a Human Being? Or just another dollar sign And a Price Tag?

So do they have a credit system over there? I was just wondering that. Because you know over here if you do not have good credit and are poor. You are fucked. The whole society of America just fucks you in the ass if you come from the poor class and have terrible credit. JPMorgan Chase just got out of being criminally prosecuted for their crimes by paying US gov $13 Billion man. America is a fucking joke bro. Those mother fuckers are going to end up killing us off through debt, war, and poison in the food and water. Did you see that new leak on the TPP secret trade agreement, by WikiLeaks?

When Good People Do Nothing

In these times people need to understand that it is with necessity that everyone should and must pay special attention to social patterns. Using fundamental logic to figure out and to protect yourself from systematic control and regulation of the lower classes. Many people claim that there is a class war at hand and that it is not right. It’s not the 1%’s fault that a country’s laws benefit only one group of people giving them special privilege. They take advantage of their positions of power by backing their agendas with their money and connections.

Federal Reserve, Gold, and the Great Depression

In 1933 FDR issued an order that there was to be no “hoarding” of gold. In documentation from early 1930s it shows that this was ordered. People of America were to turn in their gold over to the Federal Reserve Bank in exchange for paper dollars. They made it in fact against the law to possess gold. The question is though, what about big companies and corporations? Did they in fact turn their gold over to the Federal Reserve in exchange for paper dollars? What about powerful families like Rockefeller and Rothschild? Did they too turn their gold in for paper money?

Libor: Lame Stream Media Makes Barely A Whisper

Summary Overview of Libor and Banking Behavior

American Media Coverage

An #Anonymous contribution to The Economic Elite Vs. The People (re-release)

"Demand the resignation of Ben Bernanke."
"End the Federal Reserve."
"Realize with pride that you are part of the 99%, for together we will make changes to be proud of." And most importantly: "It's not just you. You are not alone in your outrage."

On #Liberty: An American’s Perspective of #Freedom, #Tyranny, and #Responsibility.

There is no longer a reason or time to be silent and inactive. We The People cannot wait for someone else, some mythical hero, to rise up and be the leader that frees us from our chains. Many are awakened, but even more are yet asleep. They will remain so until they bear witness to a mass movement in the streets. That is the mission of those who have been blessed with sight and understanding: To stand firm, arms locked together in a pledge of sacred honor, coalesced around first principles, and guided by righteousness.

Loren Goldner's list for a 'basic program.'

1) implementation of a program of technology export to equalize upward the Third World.
2) creation of a minimum threshold of world income.
3) dismantling of the oil- auto- steel complex, shifting to mass transport and trains.
4) abolish the bloated sector of the military; police; state bureaucracy; corporate bureaucracy; prisons; FIRE; (finance- insurance- real estate); security guards; intelligence services.
5) taking the labor power freed by this to begin retraining and reeducation
around real needs.


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